Adoring Arrows Paper Pumpkin Kit

It’s Valentine’s Day! And as a mother of a school-age child, I know that a holiday like today means a class treat exchange. Some moms love putting together fun treats for their child to share. Other moms dread having to create a bunch of treats for a class. So they keep it simple and go with store-bought treats and cards. Me? I’m a good mix of both! As a creative type, I love making unique and eye-catching treat holders. But as a typical busy mom who loves to procrastinate, I tend to leave myself very little time to come up with something cute, let alone time to actually make anything. So what do I do? Do I scramble and whip something up while losing sleep and part of my sanity? Or do I go against my creative instincts and just buy something?

The answer is, NEITHER! You see, there’s this thing from Stampin’ Up! called Paper Pumpkin. I’ve mentioned Paper Pumpkin before on my Instagram. It’s an amazing monthly subscription box that brings a little creativity to your mailbox every month. And January’s Paper Pumpkin kit made the PERFECT class exchange treats for my Mini Moose.

These beautiful treat bags were all made using the Paper Pumpkin kit I received in the mail last month. The kit had everything I needed to make 24 bags, which was more than enough for Mini Moose’s class.

No creative detail is missed with any Paper Pumpkin project kit. These treat bags feature gold foil heart details, vellum banners, the cutest little arrows, and even gold threading embellishments. The kit even comes with the stamp set, ink, and adhesives to stamp and assemble everything.

I love these monthly project kits. And they have saved my lazy mom butt on more than one occasion when it came to class exchange treats! Each month is a surprise as I never know what each kit will be until I open it. But I’m never disappointed. And this kit was exactly what I needed for this Valentine’s Day.

I didn’t need to scramble and lose sleep creating last minute treat bags or cards, but I still got to be creative and make something with my hands. It was the perfect compromise. I stamped, assembled, filled with candy, and sent them on their way. I didn’t have to hurt my brain designing and implementing anything. Which was a much appreciated time saver for me! Hopefully for the next holiday, I’ll be a little more prepared. But if not, I’ll just hope Paper Pumpkin has my back once again.





Want to receive a creative surprise in your mailbox each month? Then start your own Paper Pumpkin monthly subscription. Choose to go with a month-to-month subscription, or prepay for a set amount of months. And be excited to receive a new project kit each and every month, delivered right to your door!

Vertical Garden Project Kit

A green thumb I am not. By any means. I seriously have killed every single plant I have attempted to grow, whether in my home or out in the yard. Even the “unkillable” succulent plants don’t stand a chance against me. So when I saw this fun project kit in the new Occasions Catalog, I got super excited.

This Vertical Garden kit is perfect for someone like me. I can enjoy the look of succulents in my home without worrying about the need to water or give it the right amount of sunlight. And it was so much fun making all of the succulents and flowers.

I just love what you can do with paper. These die cut pieces look so much like real succulents once you curl the leaves and layer them together.  Add in the rolled paper flowers and you get a beautiful combination for the perfect wall hanging, no watering required!

Vertical Garden Project Kit

The Vertical Garden Project Kit comes with everything you need to create this fun décor piece for your home. Use a bone folder to curl up the leaves of the die cut pieces (like how you would use scissors to curl ribbon) and layer together to get the perfect, round succulent. If you want to add a little more depth and dimension to the succulents, try inking the edges of the leaves using brown or even a pink ink. Use a glue gun to adhere everything to the flower box. Then just add a sentiment from the Vertical Garden Stamp Set to finish it off.

It’s perfect for hanging on your front door or on a wall in your home. I am displaying mine on our fireplace mantle. It complements our other décor pieces perfectly! And I don’t have to worry about killing off these plants, so double win!




Order the Vertical Garden Project Kit and the Vertical Garden Stamp Set to create your own home decor piece!

CLICK HERE to view the 2017 Stampin’ Up! Occasions Catalog

Love Notes Planner Clips

Honestly, I can’t get enough of those tiny envelopes you can make using the Love Notes Framelits Dies from the Stampin’ Up! Occasions Catalog. I mean, how can you not love the miniatureness of it all! They’re just so cute!

When I made the first couple of tiny envelopes, I immediately knew that I had to glue them onto paperclips to make some little bookmarks.

Guys, these are seriously the easiest little planner clips and bookmarks to make! Just cut the envelopes from any fun paper you want and assemble, glue onto a paper clip, and now you have your own little clip for your planner or current read! These would make fabulous gifts for planner addicts (like me!) or book lovers that you may know. So make sure to keep this type of simple project in mind for the next time you’re stumped on cute gift ideas! These could also make really cute embellishment for other projects like cards or gift tags. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Now to raid my hoard of designer series paper and make a bunch more of these for all seasons and occasions!




If you’re not into DIY, you can shop these and other planner clips in My Etsy Shop!

My Name is Jackie and I’m a Planner Addict

As a normally Type A personality (I’ve lightened up a bit over the years…haha), I have always had a need and an affinity for planners and agendas. I wouldn’t have survived college without my student agenda to keep my class schedules, work schedules, and assignment due dates organized and in one easy place of reference. Even after college I used various planners to keep track of my work schedules and other random things I had going on. Yeah, I actually had a social life back then, LOL. I don’t think I’ve ever gone through a time since I started college that I wasn’t using a planner or agenda of some sort. Even when I started working from home, I used simple planners to plan out project ideas or to keep track of Mr. Moose’s work schedule. They just make me feel sane and give me the false sense of order and organization in my life.

Source: Facebook

These days my life is more hectic and busier than ever. Mini Moose is in kindergarten (did you see that?…KINDERGARTEN!). Mr. Moose has his own side business he does with a friend. Baby Moose is still keeping me on my toes here at home. And I’m trying to turn this year into my best year ever. So needless to say, planners definitely still play a huge role in my everyday life.

But there’s a problem with that. You see, I’ve fallen into the deep hole of planner addiction. It’s not just a matter of simply writing things down in my planners anymore. Maybe using different color pens to color code different schedules and tasks. No. That’s not enough anymore. That’s not nearly enough! Now, I need to use stickers and washi tape and paints and pens and pencils of all types to not just write stuff down, but to MAKE IT LOOK PRETTY!

My planners and just a fraction of my planner supplies

Yeah, I’ve definitely got a planner problem now. And I’m not afraid to admit it! Honestly, I never thought I’d fall down this planner hole. I’ve been following planner accounts on Instagram for years, thinking to myself “Gosh, that looks so pretty. But I’d NEVER waste my time doing all that work!” HAHAHAHAHA!!! I was totally kidding myself!

Weekly Layouts from January 22nd

And I have to say, I’m so glad I was wrong! While I’ve always loved having a planner and writing things down, going down this planner addiction hole has completely changed the way I utilize my planners and it’s actually helped me to have better focus on what tasks I need to accomplish each week. It might be hard to believe, but sitting down for an hour or two every week to decorate my weekly layouts gives me a chance to relax, enjoy some creative time in my planners, and really concentrate on what I need to do that week. If I’m going to write something down, I want to make sure it’s important and something that I know I can and will accomplish. And since I’ve started using my planners in this way, my productivity has shot through the roof!

Decorating planners is definitely not for everyone. But for me it has become an amazing creative outlet that I want to share with you all. So you will be seeing weekly blog posts showing more of my planners, how I decorate and use them, and some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way to incorporate more creativity into a simple planner. This is just another type of paper crafting that I can share with you and hopefully offer you some inspiration in your own craft!





Tiny Notes, Big Love

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I couldn’t NOT do at least one Valentine’s Day project. Thankfully, Stampin’ Up! released their new Occasions Catalog just in time for me to order some new goodies and make these cute cards!

In case you’ve forgotten, I love to keep my designs clean and simple. I don’t see the point in cluttering up a card with too much embellishment and design. Plus I’m just too lazy to put in that much effort *insert hysterical laughter emoji here*. And these cards stay true to my super simple style.

I utilized the new Sealed with Love stamp set, Love Notes Framelits Dies, and some Sending Love designer series paper to create these fun cards. I love love LOVE the adorable mini envelopes and tiny notes that you can put inside of them! So cute! I had to make them the focal point of my cards. And I think they really do steal all the attention.

I can’t wait to pop these in the mail to some unsuspecting friends and family to let them know they are loved this Valentine’s Day. And I have a few more ideas on how to use those uber cute tiny envelopes! They’re just too fun!

Are you making your own Valentines cards this year? Or do you stick with store bought? Let me know in the comments!





CLICK HERE to download a PDF version of the new Occasions Catalog and see some other great ways to use the Love Notes Framelits Dies. And check out some of the other amazing new crafting products from Stampin’ Up!


It’s been almost three years since I’ve written a post. THREE YEARS!!! That’s quite a bit of time to go on a hiatus of sorts. But if I’m going to be honest, it was really more like three years of me getting distracted by other things. Motherhood was a huge distraction, of course. I was still adjusting to being a mom of two little ones. And then I got distracted by other business endeavors, thinking I could make some good money quickly and “easily”. But I won’t go into detail about all of that stuff now. Let’s save that topic for another day!

My point is that I got distracted. I got dragged away from something that I truly love doing. But over the past year, I realized that I was missing this part of my life. The creative part. The crafty part. The expressive part. The part of my life that was 100% totally and genuinely me! So this year I made one single resolution for myself: SHINE!

SHINE. That word had been bouncing around in my head for the better part of 2016. So I knew it would be playing a vital role in this new year. I prayed over it, thought about it, talked about it with a friend. Shine. How could I take this little word and put it into action in my life? Thankfully, I recently discovered Passion Planners and my first PP helped me take that word and focus it into meaningful actions I can take throughout the year. I created what they call a Passion Plan and it has given me goals to work towards this year and I’m already well on my way to achieving many of them!

My 2017 Passion Plan

You can see my Passion Plan breakdown in the photo above. I’ve gone into pretty good detail about how I want my life to SHINE this year. I want who I truly am as a person to shine through, not only in my crafts, but in my everyday life. And I want to be a light in these times that just seem to be so dark and depressing for many. I want to encourage. I want to offer hope. I want to bring smiles. And I hope to do that all through my paper crafts and through my social media presence.

I have some big things in store for 2017 and I pray that God uses My Paper Moose as a unique and uplifting light to shine on many people throughout the year. I hope you will SHINE with me!