In My Planner: June 2017

You’d think that being such a planner happy person, I’d have my life a little more in order, right? LOL. It’s funny how an infant couldn’t care less about your planner and just makes you do whatever he wants whenever he wants. But you know what? His cute little face and lack of regard for planning doesn’t keep me from at least trying to keep my life organized! If there’s one thing I will continue to do, it is to keep using my Passion Planner. So here is a look at my weekly layouts for June.

As you can see, I’m still jumping back and forth between different planning methods. I love my subject blocks method, but I wanted to try actually scheduling small parts of my day as well. So you can see my trying to do just that. But until Littlest is finally on a somewhat predictable schedule, I’ll probably continue jumping back and forth between different layouts and planning methods. Oh well. At least my planner gives me the flexibility to switch things up as much as I need to!

I hope posting my weekly layouts offers you some inspiration for how to organize your own planners! With so many different planners out there, it can be hard to find your planner peace. But remember that you should make your planner work for you! And don’t be afraid to use it in unconventional ways if you need to. Passion Planner gives me that ability, which is why it is my primary planner. If you’d like to try Passion Planner for yourself, head over to their website and get one today. And make sure to use the code JACKIE10 to get 10% off your purchase.

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