Kindness Rocks

I very recently learned about something amazing called the Kindness Rocks Project. You may have heard of it. People are painting rocks with fun images or encouraging quotes and leaving them all over their communities for others to find. This  creative activity isn’t just an excuse to paint rocks. It’s also a simple way to surprise someone with a little encouragement or a smile when they stumble upon these miniature works of art. It has become hugely popular in my city over the past month or so and it has been so neat to see everyone’s excitement over finding rocks or painting their own to hide. I absolutely love the purpose of this project, so I organized a play date with my friends and their littles and we all got together and painted rocks for a couple of hours.

It was so much fun spending time with other moms talking and painting. And our little ones had a blast painting rocks, making a mess, and running around my front yard. It was neat seeing everyone’s designs. Of course, all us moms complained about not being great painters. But then we reminded each other that it’s not about creating a masterpiece. It’s about having fun and knowing that our little creations can be an exciting find for anyone.

My attempt at galaxy rocks

Rocks painted by Mini Moose, Baby Moose, and me.

Social media has become a popular way for others to share rock painting ideas. And many people also post pictures of the rocks that they have found in their communities. There are so many different Facebook pages and groups for local Kindness Rocks movements, and most of them suggest writing a hashtag or the name of the FB group on the back of the rocks so that people who find them can share them in the group. I added the name of one of my local Facebook groups to the back of my rocks. I also created a special hashtag just for my rocks so I can see if anyone finds my rocks in particular. It will be fun to see if any of my rocks show up on FB or Instagram.

I still want to add some quotes and encouraging words to our rocks before we start hiding them. And that’s IF my littles even let me hide them! They want to keep their rocks and play with them. So this is a great teaching opportunity for me to tell them the importance of giving and being an encouragement to others.

Mini Moose’s rocks

Baby Moose’s rocks

If you’d like to learn more about the Kindness Rocks Project, be sure to check out their website! And make sure to search Facebook for your local Rocks group! It’s a great way to connect with other rock painters and hunters, and you may even find hints for where to find some rocks yourself! If you don’t find a group for your area, then start one!

To get started painting rocks, just find or buy some smooth rocks (you can get a big bag of rocks at Lowes for around $9!) and some acrylic paint at your local craft store, then start painting to your heart’s content. Paint anything you’d like. It doesn’t have to be fancy or perfect. And if you want to add detail or wording to your rocks, you may want to get some paint pens for that. Also, be sure to finish your rocks with a clear coat spray paint so your work doesn’t wash away in bad weather.

I hope some of you join in on this amazing project. I have my own encouragement project in the works that I can’t wait to share with you soon! But this one is such a great summer activity, I had to share it with you! Have fun painting rocks and finding them in your community. Let’s all spread some art and some kindness. It’s something the world really needs right now.

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