5 Reasons to Love Paper Pumpkin

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days. From makeup and skin care, to clothing, to educational items, to pet items, and everything in between, it seems there’s a subscription box for it all. People love them! And why wouldn’t they? It’s basically like a Christmas present at your door every month and the contents a pleasant surprise.

If you’re a crafter like me, there is one subscription box that you absolutely should not be missing out on: Paper Pumpkin! Paper Pumpkin is a subscription box from Stampin’ Up! and here are 5 reasons to love this box of creativity.

1. Creative Me Time Delivered Right To Your Door Every Month

Paper Pumpkin is a monthly subscription and each box has a do-it-yourself craft kit that you can complete in 1-2 hours. That’s at least one hour of creative crafting time you can have all to yourself! And with projects ranging from card sets to treat boxes to home decor and more, you’ll never get bored with what you get to create each month. This has been a God send to me this past year. With pregnancy and now a newborn, finding time to craft has been quite the struggle. But I can always count on Paper Pumpkin kits each month to give me a creative escape.

2. No Need to Buy Additional Supplies

May Paper Pumpkin Kit Contents. Image copyright Stampin’ Up!

With Paper Pumpkin kits, everything you need to create each project is in the box! Everything, from card bases and envelopes right down to the tiniest embellishments and adhesives, is included with each kit so you’ll never have to run to the craft store to finish up a project.

3. Extra Craft Supplies

Just a fraction of the supplies I’ve collected because of Paper Pumpkin!

Instead of having you scrambling to the craft store to get more supplies, Paper Pumpkin will leave you with new crafting supplies each month! Every kit includes a high-quality photopolymer stamp set and at least one mini ink pad that you can use over and over again even after your Paper Pumpkin project has been completed. After just a few months, you’ll have quite the stamp set and ink pad collection for creating whatever your heart desires!

Not only that, but each Paper Pumpkin kit also often leaves you with some spare adhesives! I have quite the stash of adhesive dots and dimensional adhesives now thanks to Paper Pumpkin! That means I’m spending less money on buying adhesives myself! Oh, and here’s a tip: You can ensure you have extra dimensional adhesives left over by cutting them in half when you use them!

4. Make What They Say, or Do It Your Way!

The top card is the Paper Pumpkin design. The bottom card is my twist on it.

In case you were wondering, every Paper Pumpkin kit comes with illustrated instructions so you know step-by-step how to create each project. So all you need to do is follow the directions to create fabulous paper crafts! That’s perfect for those times where I’m feeling crafty but lacking inspiration. I can still create something amazing without having to think of a design all on my own. But if you’re the adventurous type or feel extra inspired, throw out the instructions and have fun with the project kit contents! Use the items to create a project of your very own. Or combine them with your own craft supply stash to create something completely out of the box! There is no right or wrong with creativity, and Paper Pumpkin is a great gateway to creative ideas.

5. Always Have A Handmade Card on Hand

A little look at my handmade card collection ready to give or send.

Now that I’ve been subscribing to Paper Pumpkin for over a year, I have quite the stock of cards and gift card holders on hand. And as forgetful as I am, it’s nice to have that last minute birthday or thank you card on hand to mail or include with a gift! And even better that each card was made by my own two hands. Paper Pumpkin has made it so easy to create a set of cards that I can use for almost any occasion, and my collection of cards just continues to grow.

These are just 5 of the reasons that I love being a Paper Pumpkin subscriber. I’m sure you’ll find reasons of your own once you start getting creative each month!

If you’d like to start getting a box of crafting fun delivered to your mailbox each month, now is the perfect time to start your own Paper Pumpkin subscription! From now until June 10th, 2017, first-time subscribers will get 25% off the June, July, and August kits! That’s just $14.96/month for the first three months, including shipping! So go ahead! Get stamping! And make sure to choose me, Jacqueline Nimrichter, as your demonstrator! Sign up for Paper Pumpkin now at www.paperpumpkin.com or click on the image below to learn even more about Paper Pumpkin.

Sign up by June 10, 2017 and get 25% off your first three months!

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