Another Adventure Begins

You may have noticed that things have slowed down on my end lately. Fewer projects and blog posts have been made and shared this past month. I’ve given myself plenty of goals and projects to try and make. But most of them have remained an idea written in my planner. I’m not pleased that my productivity has declined as of late. But I love the reason why! Let me introduce you to him.

Meet the newest Baby Moose in the Moose family! This little guy is Moose Little #3 in our wonderful family. And he is the reason I haven’t been able to stick to my plans as much as I would have liked.

I’m going to be honest with you. This pregnancy was the hardest of all of my pregnancies. And I wasn’t expecting that at all! The fatigue was merciless this time around and I found myself so much more tired and unmotivated than I was with my first two pregnancies. The constant hip and back pain during the last half of this pregnancy didn’t help at all either. It was so hard to get comfortable at night and get some good sleep! So I often found myself napping or just being lazy on the couch instead of working or creating like I wanted to. Yeah, I did not handle this pregnancy well at all!

And of course, this little guy threw in even more curveballs just to keep this pregnancy interesting. He wasn’t head down when he should have been, though he did position himself properly before he made his arrival. And he decided to stay cozy in mommy’s belly for an extra 9 days past his due date! But he finally chose to make his appearance very early on March 12th (after a very hard labor and delivery) and make us a family of 5.

I’m so excited this Baby Moose is here! And his big sister and brother couldn’t be more excited to have their baby brother out of Mama’s belly. But now the real adventure begins.

It was hard enough balancing work and motherhood while being pregnant. Now I get to figure out life with three kids along with pushing to achieve my goals and plans for this year. Not gonna lie, I’m super anxious about juggling it all. But I’m determined to make this year an amazing one, despite having a slower February and March than I had anticipated. I have this adorable new little one in my life now and he, along with his brother and sister, are my reasons to strive for success.

This is going to be a grand new adventure. And I look forward to every moment of it!

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