It’s been almost three years since I’ve written a post. THREE YEARS!!! That’s quite a bit of time to go on a hiatus of sorts. But if I’m going to be honest, it was really more like three years of me getting distracted by other things. Motherhood was a huge distraction, of course. I was still adjusting to being a mom of two little ones. And then I got distracted by other business endeavors, thinking I could make some good money quickly and “easily”. But I won’t go into detail about all of that stuff now. Let’s save that topic for another day!

My point is that I got distracted. I got dragged away from something that I truly love doing. But over the past year, I realized that I was missing this part of my life. The creative part. The crafty part. The expressive part. The part of my life that was 100% totally and genuinely me! So this year I made one single resolution for myself: SHINE!

SHINE. That word had been bouncing around in my head for the better part of 2016. So I knew it would be playing a vital role in this new year. I prayed over it, thought about it, talked about it with a friend. Shine. How could I take this little word and put it into action in my life? Thankfully, I recently discovered Passion Planners and my first PP helped me take that word and focus it into meaningful actions I can take throughout the year. I created what they call a Passion Plan and it has given me goals to work towards this year and I’m already well on my way to achieving many of them!

My 2017 Passion Plan

You can see my Passion Plan breakdown in the photo above. I’ve gone into pretty good detail about how I want my life to SHINE this year. I want who I truly am as a person to shine through, not only in my crafts, but in my everyday life. And I want to be a light in these times that just seem to be so dark and depressing for many. I want to encourage. I want to offer hope. I want to bring smiles. And I hope to do that all through my paper crafts and through my social media presence.

I have some big things in store for 2017 and I pray that God uses My Paper Moose as a unique and uplifting light to shine on many people throughout the year. I hope you will SHINE with me!

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