Moo Meets the Moose

It is the final day of June and we are now halfway through 2011! Can you believe it?! I certainly can’t believe how quickly this year is going by. It seems like just yesterday that my husband and I were moving to Washington. Now we’ve been here for over 6 months! It’s just crazy!

Well, since we’re now halfway through the year, I thought this would be a good time to look back at My Resolutions for 2011 for My Paper Moose and see how well I’ve been making progress on them.

My number one goal was to work on branding for My Paper Moose. Here is what I wrote for that goal:

1. Branding! This was my number one goal for Scraps of Life last year, and this is a very big goal for My Paper Moose this year. Thankfully, I introduced this line with a small bit of branding already in place (my moose logo is seriously to die for!). But I’d like to expand my branding to include such things as business cards (of course!) all the way down to packaging details for my Etsy products. I plan to utilize Moo and their amazing business products for this goal.”

If you’ve never heard of Moo, you seriously need to check them out. They are a fantastic company with great marketing products that small businesses like My Paper Moose can use to get our names and our brand out there. I knew that I would be using their products to help with my branding goals, and I am so glad that I did! Check out my Moo business cards and stickers!

One thing that Moo is really well-known for is that they give you the ability to print business cards using multiple images that you can upload instead of just the same image for every card. It’s like carrying a portfolio in your pocket! So I utilized this feature and created a pack of business cards with two different “backs”, one with my company information, and one offering a 10% off coupon code on Etsy for customers if they left feedback for me. One of each card is included with every Etsy order I ship. I also ordered a book of stickers with three different versions of my logo. I place one sticker on the packaging for my customer orders. Then I cut out another sticker and put it on one of my business cards so that my customers get a little My Paper Moose sticker they can stick anywhere they want. This way, the customers always see my logo, and if they use the sticker I give them, then it allows other people to see my logo as well! I’ve gotten a great response to this branding effort so far, and customers have commented on my packaging already! So I think this goal has been met quite well so far. Thanks Moo!

Now let’s take a quick look at how I’m doing with my other 5 goals for the year:

2. Find a Balance! – I’ve had to switch up my schedule a few times to really make it work, but I believe I’ve really started to find the right balance between work and being a housewife. Of course, we’re throwing a baby into the mix, so I’m sure things will be switching up again…LOL.
3. Network! Still need to work on this, but I have definitely seen some improvement, not only in how I interact with my followers on Facebook and Twitter, but also in getting responses from people as well. I’m on my way 😀
4. Consistency. Honestly, this last month has been the closest thing to consistency that I’ve reached all year. I’ve posted regularly and it’s felt absolutely great! Hopefully I can keep this up for the rest of the year too!
5. Become a Self-Sufficient Company. Not too sure how I’m doing with this one since I haven’t really sat down and looked at my financials for the year thus far (probably something I should do soon…haha). But my Etsy sales have definitely gone up and I’m fairly certain that if I’m not already reaching this goal, I will be shortly! Yay!
6. Step It Up with Stampin’ Up! – Definitely still working on this goal. I would have to say this is going to be my most challenging goal to reach. But with the changes I’ve made to my monthly Stampin’ Up! newsletter and my determination to be more consistent with my crafting and blogging, I have a feeling I can get pretty close to reaching this goal. Just gotta press on!

I’m sure some of you may have found this post a tad boring, but sharing these goals and updates with you is helping to hold me accountable to these aspirations. So thank you for reading and being my motivation to make My Paper Moose a success! Now I’ll get back to sharing crafty stuff with you, k? Haha.

Coming Up: The 2011-2012 Idea Book & Catalog is going live TOMORROW! I’ll give you one good reason to add a new punch to your “Need to order this now!” list!

Until next time…

Moose News:

  • Today is the final day for the 2010-2011 Idea Book & Catalog. Which means it’s time to say goodbye to some of our favorite products. So make sure to order any items from the Last Chance Lists before they’re gone for good!
  • The 2011-2012 Idea Book & Catalog goes live TOMORROW! Order your copy of the new catalog for just $10, including shipping! Email Me to order your copy today!
  • The Summer Mini Catalog is live! Contact me if you’d like your FREE copy or Download It Now.
  • The Strength and Hope Campaign is going on now. Help Stampin’ Up! raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation by purchasing the new Strength and Hope stamp set! Learn more on My Stampin’ Up! Website.
  • I’ve completely revamped my monthly newsletter formats! You can now choose between my monthly Stampin’ Up! Newsletter or my monthly My Paper Moose Newsletter. My Stampin’ Up! newsletter features the latest SU! promotions, a product spotlight, and a technique spotlight (tutorial), so you’ll always be inspired! The My Paper Moose Newsletter will feature my latest products and special offers for my Etsy shop! So whether you’re a crafter, or you just like to purchase handmade, there’s a newsletter for you! Sign up to receive one or both newsletters by submitting the form in the right sidebar!

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