Oh Thank Heaven for 2011

One of my favorite things about the New Year is that it’s a fresh start. It’s a time to look back on the past year, reflect on those amazing moments you wouldn’t change for anything in the world, and think about those things that you can do better.

2010 was a good year for me. I made new and amazing friends. I created fun projects that people loved. I was there to see my best friend get married. And I really buckled down with my crafting business and started to get it off the ground. My Scraps of Life line really came into focus. And then I had the brilliant idea of starting this fabulous line, My Paper Moose! So now it’s time for me to think about what I can do to make my business even better!

Last year I wrote a huge, long blog post outlining my goals for my Scraps of Life line for 2010. I really thought about where I wanted to take Scraps of Life and how I wanted to do it. And though, I admit, I didn’t reach all of my goals, outlining them gave me a good foundation and purpose for my work ethic last year. So I want to do the same for My Paper Moose. Especially since business has been steadily growing for My Paper Moose since the New Year began, and I want to make sure it continues to do so as the year progresses. Here is what I’m hoping to accomplish in twenty-eleven!

1. Branding! This was my number one goal for Scraps of Life last year, and this is a very big goal for My Paper Moose this year. Thankfully, I introduced this line with a small bit of branding already in place (my moose logo is seriously to die for!). But I’d like to expand my branding to include such things as business cards (of course!) all the way down to packaging details for my Etsy products. I plan to utilize Moo and their amazing business products for this goal.
2. Find a Balance! – This definitely has to be second on my list. It’s not easy managing two product lines as well as a household. And now the hubby and I are expecting our first child in June! So I definitely need to find the right balance between creating, cooking, cleaning, and caring for my family. I’m trying to establish a good daily routine. You know, so many hours for crafting, then so many hours for housework. And I need to work on really establishing “working hours” so I’m not responding to customer inquiries at 9pm when hubby wants to cuddle on couch. Not that I don’t care about my customers, because you know I do! I just need to give attention to the family as well.
3. Network! I’m already on Facebook and Twitter. But I need to utilize these tools even more to better promote myself and my business. I think I’m already off to a great start using these free marketing tools, but there’s always room for improvement.
4. Consistency. Seeing as how this is my first post since NOVEMBER (shame on me!), ya’ll know very well how inconsistent I can be about blogging. Though I do have a good excuse for the past couple of months (moving from San Diego to Washington state, dealing with my first pregnancy, etc.), I still want to improve on this area. But I want to do it without overworking myself or putting too much pressure on myself, which often hinders my creativity. So what I’m hoping to do this year is post 2-3 times a week. It might be a tutorial. It might be a new product I’ve just listed on Etsy. Or it might just be for fun. But I want to give you more inspiration on a regular basis.
5. Become a Self-Sufficient Company. Here is another big one for me. I’ve been blessed to have a husband who allowed me to quit my day job and start my crafting business. And he’s allowed me to use his income to support my business. But it’s been over a year since I first started crafting as a business and it’s time this business supported itself. So I want to work harder to create more products and of course sell more items so that my business truly becomes its own entity. I’ve actually been using business income to fund everything for the past few months, so hopefully that continues to happen!
6. Step It Up with Stampin’ Up! – Last year I held my very first Stampin’ Up! workshop. And it was amazing! And it’s definitely something I would love to do again. But since a majority of my followers are online, I’m in the process of creating a Virtual Workshop system so I can help you host workshops no matter where you are in the country! And all this so I can step up to the plate as a demonstrator and hopefully build a bigger SU! customer base. Since this line is my “all things for all occasions” line, I’ve really decided to use My Paper Moose as the channel for presenting Stampin’ Up! to people, leaving my Scraps of Life line truly dedicated to weddings and special occasions. And my goal this year is to sell $3,000 of Stampin’ Up! product, and I hope some of you will help me reach this goal.

This may not seem like too many goals for the year, but they are big goals and it’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve them. But I’m ready and more motivated than ever!

What are your goals for 20-11? Any tips on how I can reach my own goals? I’d love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “Oh Thank Heaven for 2011

  1. Jamie (@va_grown) says:

    Oh, congratulations on your little bundle of joy this summer!! What an exciting time for you and your husband! That totally takes first place in your life. Your goals sound great (and don’t we all need to work on the balance thing.) and I’m sure blogging more often will help with them. I’ve noticed that my visitors drop off BIG TIME if I don’t post regularly. The more often I post, the better traffic numbers I have (not that numbers are everything). It’s one of my goals for the year too.

  2. Tammy says:

    Hey Jacqueline!
    I commented on your twitter page, but wanted to leave a comment here as well…those are some fantastic goals you have set; as well as, inspiring me for my business. I would like to chat with you someday and get tips (on the business side of things). I would like to be able to make this hobby that so many of us enjoy into a career. The old saying goes…make a living at something you enjoy doing. Well…scrapbooking, card making, etc. is a pretty good calling! 🙂
    I love Stampin Up products!!!! That was the company that introduced me to this craft. 🙂

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