From Home Depot to Your Desk

Something I’ve learned as a crafter is to look for inspiration everywhere. Great crafting ideas don’t just come from the craft store or crafting magazines. I’ve been inspired by outfits seen on tv, textile patterns at Target, and color combinations seen in the plants around my condo. Most recently, I was inspired by some supplies I picked up at The Home Depot. My upline had shown me a super fun and easy project creating magnet boards out of metal shingles. So I took that idea and went a little farther with it. I grabbed some pretty bath tiles and metal shingles at Home Depot and a frame at Ikea and came up with these fun desktop perpetual calendars.

These fun calendars make it easy to keep track of the date without the need to buy a new calendar every year. Just change the tiles each month! That’s all you have to do!

So remember, you can find inspiration, and craft supplies, almost anywhere! So make sure to keep your mind open and let inspiration find you the next time you’re at a hardware store!

You can purchase my Desktop Perpetual Calendars for $36.95 each. Just visit my Etsy Shop for more details!

3 thoughts on “From Home Depot to Your Desk

  1. Fiona says:

    Nice idea!
    You may want to check your specs, though. You may have used steel shingles as magnets won’t attract to aluminum.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Oops! You’re right Fiona! Don’t know why I got it in my head that those shingles were aluminum! I’ll make corrections! Thanks for pointing it out! ~Jacqueline

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