Another Adventure Begins

You may have noticed that things have slowed down on my end lately. Fewer projects and blog posts have been made and shared this past month. I’ve given myself plenty of goals and projects to try and make. But most of them have remained an idea written in my planner. I’m not pleased that my productivity has declined as of late. But I love the reason why! Let me introduce you to him.

Meet the newest Baby Moose in the Moose family! This little guy is Moose Little #3 in our wonderful family. And he is the reason I haven’t been able to stick to my plans as much as I would have liked.

I’m going to be honest with you. This pregnancy was the hardest of all of my pregnancies. And I wasn’t expecting that at all! The fatigue was merciless this time around and I found myself so much more tired and unmotivated than I was with my first two pregnancies. The constant hip and back pain during the last half of this pregnancy didn’t help at all either. It was so hard to get comfortable at night and get some good sleep! So I often found myself napping or just being lazy on the couch instead of working or creating like I wanted to. Yeah, I did not handle this pregnancy well at all!

And of course, this little guy threw in even more curveballs just to keep this pregnancy interesting. He wasn’t head down when he should have been, though he did position himself properly before he made his arrival. And he decided to stay cozy in mommy’s belly for an extra 9 days past his due date! But he finally chose to make his appearance very early on March 12th (after a very hard labor and delivery) and make us a family of 5.

I’m so excited this Baby Moose is here! And his big sister and brother couldn’t be more excited to have their baby brother out of Mama’s belly. But now the real adventure begins.

It was hard enough balancing work and motherhood while being pregnant. Now I get to figure out life with three kids along with pushing to achieve my goals and plans for this year. Not gonna lie, I’m super anxious about juggling it all. But I’m determined to make this year an amazing one, despite having a slower February and March than I had anticipated. I have this adorable new little one in my life now and he, along with his brother and sister, are my reasons to strive for success.

This is going to be a grand new adventure. And I look forward to every moment of it!

Beautiful You

Ok, so I have this project in the works. It’s been in the works for a while now and I’m having a hard time hashing out all the details of how I want this project to work. But it WILL happen in the next month or two!

A big part of this project will be cards. Lots and lots of cards. Which I need to design and make. Soon. So I’m working on that aspect of the project too. But I don’t want to wait until this project launches to share some of the cards I’ve made for it so far. So here’s a look at one of the card sets I will be offering soon!

These cards were made using the new Beautiful You stamp set and the Watercolor Pencils from the Stampin’ Up! Occasions Catalog. These have easily become some favorites and most used items of mine. The images in the stamp set are so fun and the sentiments are just so encouraging!

And of course I love the watercolor pencils for the painted look they give to the images. They are so easy to use and the results are always fabulous. It’s a quick and easy way to get that look of watercolor for someone who has never used watercolors before. Here is an alternate colorway of the same set.

I do plan on playing with this stamp set some more and actually painting in the images with watercolors. But for now, the watercolor pencils are my go to for coloring in pictures!

I’ll keep this post short and sweet. I have a lot more work to do to get this project off the ground as soon as I’d like to! Send your creative vibes my way because I can certainly use them!




Have you tried out our new Watercolor Pencils yet? What did you think of them? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Many Happy Birthdays Paper Pumpkin Kit

My birthday was yesterday! So I thought it was great timing to share these fun birthday cards from last month’s Paper Pumpkin kit.

I love these cards for two reasons:

  1. They are such a fun and unique design that I will love giving to some friends or family this year. The slide feature with the little word window is just too cool! And I can include a little gift card if I’d like, as well!
  2. I made these while hanging out with two of the sweetest gals I know! Looking at these cards makes me smile because I made them while spending time with friends and enjoying a craft night together.

Like I stated earlier, I love the flexibility of these cards. I can write a note on the bottom or I can include a gift card for the recipient. OR these can be used as party invitations! This kit includes everything you need to make these fabulous cards, including 9 party invitation cards to turn them into eye catching invitations for your next birthday celebration! Stampin’ Up! doesn’t miss a beat with these monthly kits!

How would you use these cards? Invitations? Or as a gift card holder? Right now, these have been added to my stash of cards to send/mail. Can’t wait to send one!




Want to get your own monthly project kit in the mail? Then subscribe to Paper Pumpkin! You’ll get an all inclusive craft project kit delivered right to your door! It’s a fun surprise to look forward to each month.

In My PP: February/March 2017

Ok, so I wasn’t planning (no pun intended) on doing another planner post right away. But with how things have been going for me, it’s just kind of the way things worked out blog-wise! So I hope you don’t mind having another planner post so soon! I do have more paper crafting projects to share very soon, so hang in there!

Because today is the start of a new month, I thought it would be appropriate to give you all a look at the monthly view in my Passion Planner. So here is what February’s layout looked like after the month ended!

And here is what my March layout looks like before I add to it throughout the month with notes and ideas.

You’ll notice on the bottom of the right page, there’s space for you to create a Mind Map of a “Gamechanger” for the month. That space is basically a spot for you to draw a mini Passion Plan for one specific item from your yearly Passion Plan that you created at the start of your planner. I love that section, as it allows me to pick a goal for the month and break it down into actionable steps I can take to achieve that goal. I haven’t filled out this month’s Mind Map just yet, but I know what I will be focusing on!

Another great feature of the Passion Planner that I love is the Monthly Reflection pages at the end of each month. These pages pose questions that make you think about the month you just completed and how you can make the next month different, and hopefully better, by reflecting on what did and didn’t work the previous month and what you can do to be more effective and productive. Here are my reflections for February going into March.

And before we go, I just wanted to share the exciting news that I am a Spring Passion Planner Representative! Woohoo! So I get to share more about Passion Planner and how amazing a tool it is in a more official capacity! I’m so excited! And it means that you can get a discount on the fabulous Passion Planner by using my rep code! So if you’ve been wanting to get your own PP, now is the time! Head over to the Passion Planner website and use my code to get 10% off your purchase!

Want to know more about what makes the Passion Planner unique? Or do you want to see a blog post about a specific aspect of the Passion Planner? Let me know and I will be happy to share more with you.

Meet Passion Planner

I am so ready to dive into the world of planners and decorating them. I can’t wait to talk about what I use to decorate, how I do my layouts, and why I use my planners the way I do. But before we get into all that fun craziness, I thought it might be a good idea to first tell you more about the planners that I use and why I love them so much!

So today, I’d like you all to meet the Passion Planner!

Meet the Passion Planner

The first time I heard about the Passion Planner (PP) was actually when it was on Kickstarter. I never did jump on that first chance to buy a PP, but  I was still intrigued with the unique layout of the weekly pages and how it integrated questions throughout to get you focusing on your specific goals as opposed to just writing down tasks and to dos. My curiosity with it got the best of me at the end of last year and I finally purchased an undated, compact-sized PP. Since then it has quickly become my absolute favorite planner that I have ever owned (and I’ve owned quite a few planners!).

Weekly Layout from the week of February 12th

The weekly layout is one of my favorite features of this planner. Each day is broken down by time slots so that specific times of the day can be marked for appointments or tasks. I love this type of breakdown as it gives me a good perspective of what I need to do and how much time I have available to do it.

I also love how there are spaces to write down my focus not just for the week, but also for each day. I don’t always utilize these spots (though I really should), but I love that it’s there for me to use and remind myself of what I really need to accomplish each day. And there are plenty of spaces to write down lists such as To Dos, work tasks, or other items. I like to write down my tasks and to dos in specific time slots to give myself a sort of deadline to get them done, so I use the “Personal To Dos” and “Work To Dos” areas to write down notes, project ideas, or to draft tentative blog post schedules. And the Space of Infinite Possibility available each week is a great space to sketch out ideas, brainstorm,  journal some thoughts I’ve had, or stamp/write down inspirational quotes.

Weekly Layout from the week of January 22nd

But my absolute favorite feature of this planner is the constant focus on your goals. In the first few pages of the PP, there is a section where you can create what they call a Passion Roadmap. You start by making a wish list of what you’d like to do or be or have in the next 3 months, one year, three years, and your lifetime. From that wish list, you take one of those goals and create you Passion Plan, mapping out what steps you need to take to accomplish that goal this year. I honestly thought I’d just skip over these pages and use the planner as just a planner. But when I actually sat down and did the wish list portion of the Passion Roadmap, it really got me excited to think about all the things I’d like to gain or accomplish in the near future! Things like having my very own website, starting an encouragement project, or buying into Disney Vacation Club. It didn’t matter how frivolous or ridiculous the goal or desire. I just wrote it down and started to think about ways I could reach that specific item. And I realized, it all really is possible!

My Passion Roadmap:
Wish List and Passion Plan

For my Passion Plan, I decided to focus on my one year goal to SHINE. I wrote about this goal in a previous post and I am still working hard to follow each step I set up for it. I try to integrate different steps into each month’s or each week’s focus. And it’s easy to assign specific steps or tasks to each week or month thanks to the spaces provided on those pages just for that purpose. There is the constant integration of steps from my Passion Plan to the monthly or weekly layouts, and I love that it regularly reminds me of my Passion Plan and what I am working towards this year.

If you’ve never heard of the Passion Planner or have been on the fence about purchasing your own, I hope this post has given you a better idea of what it’s like and what sets it apart from other planners. This planner has become such a vital tool for my everyday life and I want to share how it can be the same for you. If you’re still not sure about it, check out the Passion Planner Story on their website and see how this planner came to be.




If you’re ready to purchase your own PP and get started on discovering and working towards your greatest passions, then purchase yours here. And make sure to let them know I referred you by using my rep code JACQUELINE10 at checkout! It will even save you 10% on your purchase 🙂

Succulent Marquee Letters

Project inspiration can come from literally anywhere. I’ve been hit with inspiration while taking a shower, right before falling asleep, or even while out shopping. When it hits you, it hits you. And you just gotta roll with it!

The inspiration for today’s project came from this Instagram post by the amazing crafty woman Amy Tangerine.

A is for… . Amazing and awesome, two words I overuse a lot. What's your favorite A word?

A post shared by Amy Tangerine (@amytangerine) on

This gorgeous letter-shaped garden box is outside of a coffee shop and I’m so glad that Amy decided to share it on her Instagram. Because it inspired such a fun project that I was so excited to create!

Aren’t these marquee letters just the coolest thing? Heidi Swapp has had a line of marquee letters available for quite a while now. I’ve actually had one sitting in my office waiting to be decorated for over a year (oops!). But for the holidays, she released a line of miniature marquee letters. And, well, you know me and all things miniature! I just had to grab a few of them while they were on clearance and incorporate my Amy Tangerine inspiration to create these succulent letters!

One of my absolute favorite new products in the Occasions Catalog is the Succulent Framelits Dies. The dies in that set coordinate with the Oh So Succulent stamp set, so you can easily cut out stamped images to use on cards and other projects. Some of the dies can also be used to create your own 3D succulents, which is what I did. I used the smallest of the die cuts to create the miniature succulents for this project and they turned out so cute!

I cut the pieces from Mint Macaroon, Cucumber Crush, and Old Olive cardstock. Then I used a bone folder to (very) carefully curl the leaves before layering the pieces together to create the finished succulent.

Before adhering the succulents onto the letters, I glued down a layer of pebbles or fake moss (or both!) to really give it that look of a planter. It definitely gave the letters more depth and made these fake planters look that much more convincing. It also added some height so that the succulents weren’t sitting down so low within the letters, allowing the leaves to be a little more spread out instead of squished together. It was that perfect finishing touch these letters needed.

Now pardon this final photo. The lighting is horrible, there’s dog hair all over my shirt, and I just don’t have the photo editing skills to fix it! But I wanted to share this photo for scale. You need to see just how small these letters are, since photos can definitely be deceiving when it comes to portraying the size of things. The finished letters measure just at 4-1/4″ tall. When I say they’re cute, I mean they are CUTE!

I plan on making larger versions of these letters with the bigger marquee letters in the Heidi Swapp line. What do you think? Is this a project you’d like to try? Where would you put your succulent letter? Leave me a comment and let me know!





Make your own fun succulent projects with the Succulent Framelits Dies! CLICK HERE to order now!